Dreamy Chylls Music


Which songs can I use?

You can use any song that is shared on the YouTube channels (Dreamy chylls) this includes the regular uploads as well as the 24/7 radios.

On which platform can I use your music?

You can use our music on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and TikTok More platforms are coming soon!

Can I use your music for my business or organisation?

To use our music for commercial purposes, please fill in this form with your details

Can I sing/rap over your music?

No, any alterations of the original songs that we release are not allowed. You cannot add lyrics, sample, or remix the music we release. If this happens, we may take down your content

Can I re-upload your songs on my music promotion channel?

No, we do not allow music channels to re-upload our songs in videos or use them in 24/7 music live streams. We may take down your content if this happens

Can I monetize my video if I use your music?

Yes, we allow and encourage content creators to use our music. As long as you credit properly, you will be able to monetize your video. Read our terms of use!

No, we will never issue a copyright strike if you follow the guidelines above

No, we will never issue a copyright claim if you follow the guidelines above. If you received one, it is most likely a fraudulent claim and we will do our best to remove it as soon as possible

Can I upload my livestream replays to YouTube?

Yes, you can definitely do that and will be able to monetize your video as well

Will my audio be muted on my livestream replays?

No, it won’t be muted. If this ever happens, please get in touch with us at copyright@dreamychylls.com

Can I use your artworks in my content?

No, the artworks we’re using are all commissioned by us and we do not allow them to be shared elsewhere

Where words fail, music speaks!

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